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The movie shows the life of a good man the music suites the mood. The scetchy art sets the mood of the story.

Well made

This is good. NO preloader. sound/music good action thou :P


This was random, Funny. Voice acting could be a little better but it is good.

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LOLZ Funny Ending

But in all reality we all know, understand, comprehend, or any other fucking word you want to use that Meet n' Fuck gets better every time. Except for the one with superman I didn't like that one to much. Great sounds. They're new. And great art work on Pussy/Dick. You only fucked 12 girls. You didn't fuck all of them. The secatary you should of been able to sudece her and fuck her.

Quote: She put me on staff. So then I could by the camera of my dreams :P

LOLZ This story is funny. If i made lots of money and fucked 12 girls I wouldn't be buying a camera. I'd save for a Mercdes or sometihng not a camera LOLZ

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Best Damn Game 13/10

This is the best launcher game I ever seen in a while. The Music And SFX are too good i would give that 12/10 cause it suites the mood of the game. PLUS the Gunz and Cannons are perfect. All so the Art is just bomb. The Turtle looks like Squirtle and the birds have some resemblance to the Pokemon birds. The Medals are wonderful just easy and hard. I GOT ALL 20! YAY! But for some bad news. Their is a Bug were you can buy any item and still have all of your money. You buy the item then refresh the page. When it reloads you will have that item and all of your money you had before you bought the item... GREAT GAME 6/5 13/10

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Mine was

Mine was .25

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I'm new to audio submissions and i just added one today. I hope it gets in. My last one didn't cause it was made by someone else so i can't add audio from that account now D: lol

dondrummer responds:

cool! i;ll go check it out. :p

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